Problem with creating new puzzles - Help, please

[Post New]by Classicaljazz on May 11, 13 2:21 PM
First off, I want to say that I love this game. I have worked every puzzle in it and have re-worked some of them. But I'm now having a problem and need help.

I scanned through the various discussion headings here in this game forum and didn't notice any that addressed the problem I have been having. Therefore, I've started a new discussion. If you have the answer, please reply.

I decided I wanted to create puzzles from pictures, images, etc., I have on my computer. So I set to work doing it on various ones available. I was enjoying creating and working puzzles from family photographs, etc. Those seemed to work fine. But when I branched out and made puzzles from computer wallpapers, etc., the problems began.

I made several puzzles of this kind in one sitting... then I closed out the game to do other things. Later, when I opened the game to work puzzles, I got an error code with the title of one of my new computer wallpaper puzzles in it. If I clicked on "cancel", the game would immediately close. If I clicked on "continue", it would allow me to go back to the game screen, but when I clicked on the area near the new puzzle, the game would immediately close. I re-opened the game several times and it did the same thing. I finally managed to get it to stay open long enough for me to delete the new computer wallpaper puzzle named in the error code. Then, I was able to do other things as I normally would.

But later, the error code popped up again with another of the new computer wallpaper puzzles' title in it. The same problem with the game closing started happening again, so I, again, deleted the puzzle in question. This happened several times. Each time with a new computer wallpaper puzzle I had created. It was a hassle... so I finally decided to go through and delete ALL the new computer wallpaper puzzles I'd created.

This is such a disappointment, for one of the reasons I chose THIS jigsaw puzzle game was because it offered the feature of allowing the player to create puzzles from other pictures, etc.

If you have had this problem and know how to solve it, please reply. I want to be able to create dozens of new puzzles to add to my game... but not if they are going to start the hassle of the error codes popping up and making the game close.



Re:Problem with creating new puzzles - Help, please

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Please see my reply in the technical issues thread ~ David

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