Missing Shimmergems!

[Post New]by BirdyGrace on May 11, 13 10:24 PM
On Awakening: Skyward Castle, I woke the female puppet and she said she was giving me gems, but they never appeared. I can't go further without them. Anyone else had this issue? Help!


Re:Missing Shimmergems!

[Post New]by Ohmisslaura on May 12, 13 12:10 AM
Im having the exact same issue!

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Re:Missing Shimmergems!

[Post New]by lyrialice on May 12, 13 12:12 AM
Hi BirdyGrace and Ohmisslaura

You may have missed out one or two steps in the game. Click on the above tab which says Forums. Then click on Game Forums. Find your game name and click on the page that comes up and click on it. Not the Collectors Edition.

The Forum contains many helpful posts if you get stuck. There is usually a post at the very beginning which says Walkthrough. There is a clickable link in that post to take you there.

You can also just click on the Game Walkthroughs tab if you don't need to go into the Game Forum.

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Re:Missing Shimmergems!

[Post New]by bfgBiwa on May 12, 13 3:35 AM
Heya Fishies,

I'm sorry to hear about the missing shimmergems!

As lyrialice mentioned it might be that some steps in the game are missing before you receive those gems. Additionally to our Awakening: The Skyward Castle Forum you can always have a look at our walkthrough via the following link as well:

Awakening: The Skyward Castle Walkthrough

I'll go ahead and move this over to our game Fishies as other player that have played the game might have some more great tips for you as well!

Good luck!



Re:Missing Shimmergems!

[Post New]by Ohmisslaura on May 12, 13 3:59 AM
I've been over the strategy guide and not missed anything. The puppets said they would give me gems but they are not in my inventory. I cant get into the research room without them.

Please help!


Re:Missing Shimmergems!

[Post New]by BirdyGrace on May 12, 13 9:19 AM
I used the walk through this morning and, like ohmisslaura, the female puppet woke up with the music and said she was giving Shimmergems, but they didn't appear in the inventory. When I go back to the wizard's retreat and ask the owl, his hint is that "I believe these Shimmergems will open this door".

Thanks lyrialice and bfgBiwa for helping!

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Re:Missing Shimmergems!

[Post New]by Laineylou2 on May 13, 13 8:24 PM
I am having the same problem. I have checked the walkthrough and don't appear to have missed anything. The puppets are no longer there. I have no Shimmergems and the hint tells me to use the Shimmergems! What can I do?


Re:Missing Shimmergems!

[Post New]by BirdyGrace on May 14, 13 5:39 AM
I followed some advice from lyrialice, and started over under a different name. Second time round... I got the Shimmergems!


Re:Missing Shimmergems!

[Post New]by Djmash on May 27, 14 10:14 AM
I had this exact problem, because somehow I clocked out of the puppet area zoom behind the characters talking, which happened in other places, but this time with big consequences. It's a pain having to start over again though and have to be wary of any errant back click that will do the same problem. Bug check please!

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