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DD May 12 2013

[Post New]by NIMHURCHU on May 12, 13 8:55 PM

Happy Mother's Day

Despite the mediocre graphics, and dreadful story, I was so intrigued and had to purchase after my 1 hr trial. This game didn't have the "bells and whistles", but it was different to my usual fare.

There are 3 modes of play: Casual, Advanced and Expert Mode. There are no sparkles or tutorial in Advanced Mode. You must play in Casual or Advanced mode and accumulate 20 hints to unlock expert mode. There are no hints and no skip for puzzles in expert mode.

There are voice overs. There are no lip movements, and I thought that the character drawings were comic book style and the voice acting was dreadful.

There is no map, but I found it unnecessary as there are very limited locations. For those who haven't read any of my other reviews, I get lost very easily.

There is a journal. The journal tab includes the story. The "to-do" tab lists the tasks and the help tab shows game mechanics and how to solve puzzles.

HOS: There are NO "find items on a list" junk pile type HOS. Instead hidden objects are strewn about several scenes and all are necessary for progression in the game. Hidden objects are primarily in the form of:
1. Fragmented objects, eg. 6 parts of a marionette. There are approximately 9 of these.

2. Find x number of y, e.g. find 10 cards. There are approximately 19 of these.

Hints: You begin the game with 5 hints, and hints accumulate as you find objects and solve puzzles. The hint is helpful in telling you where to go next, and you do not lose the hint. You do lose a hint when you skip a puzzle.

Puzzles: There are 50 puzzles. There are 2 "free' hints offered, then you can skip. If you choose to skip the puzzle, you will lose one of your accumulated hints (on the bottom right of the screen). There is no wait time for the "free" hints or skip.

Overall, I detested the ridiculous romance story, the cut scenes were outdated, and the graphics were clear, but mediocre. Movement was often clunky, but there weren't many scenes to navigate. However, the puzzles were the focus and I really enjoyed them. I found them to be quite easy, for the most part......which may be a disappointment to puzzle experts. I spent a fun 4 hours completing this game in casual mode, and I most likely will try to play again in expert mode. This was worth the $2.99, for me.

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