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What does this mean...?

[Post New]by Beehead on May 14, 13 3:39 AM
What do the following things mean and is there any benefit to them as far as shortening how many marbles appear?

1. When the screen goes nuts and begins to drop treasure everywhere. Why does it do that? Are we supposed to catch all of the treasures? What happens if we catch them all?

2. Do we have to catch all of the pirate coins, or, those discs with skull and crossbones image on them? If we catch a certain number, do less marble snakes appear? (Less marbles in the level or level ends sooner)

3. Is there any way to make the level end sooner?

4. Why does the cannon sometimes shoot?

5. Does the treasure screen mean anything aside from looking pretty?

6. Why doesn't the spinning multi color marble always take out marbles on both sides of it?


Also you can add any things you have questions about here.

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Re:What does this mean...?

[Post New]by SynthpopAddict on May 19, 13 1:08 PM
1. I believe that is in the adventure mode...collecting enough coins causes the treasure shower. They are just extra bonuses and you don't have to catch them all. Anything caught adds to your total haul of items (stats at the bottom of the screen in the treasure cave scene).

2. Catching enough coins triggers the treasure shower after 30(?) coins in adventure mode and gives you an extra life in arcade mode.

3. Not sure on that. Maybe if you get enough chain reactions and/or do not crush too many pushers it will reward you by giving you less chains, as in Butterfly Escape.

4. Haven't noticed that before, just smoking of the powder barrels if the chains are too close. Doesn't do anything for the gameplay otherwise.

5. No, just displays your progress and items collected stats.

6. This game has very weak "snap back" action when gaps in the chain are created. If there is a gap in a chain and the adjacent marbles are not the same color the wild marble will not clear both for shooting at a gap.

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