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DD - 5/17/13

[Post New]by NIMHURCHU on May 17, 13 12:50 PM
This is a decent game for $2.99.

There is only one mode of play.

There are no voice overs.

There is a diary, with the story and clues.

There is a map, but I found it to be useless. It doesn't indicate your current location, or areas of interest.

HOS: There are 15 interactive HOS. I thought that they were well-drawn, and clear.
After about 7 misclicks, the screen fills with steam, and it took a little too long for it to clear, in my opinion.

Hints: Refill in 1 min. The hint button is helpful outside of HOS. However, I would have preferred arrows for navigating. Even when the hint told me where to find a needed item, I still had some trouble locating the place.

Puzzles: There are 10 puzzles. They are the typical slider, pipes, jigsaw etc. Most were quite simple, although some were time consuming, for me. They can be skipped in I min.

Overall, this was a mediocre game, that could have been quite good. The cut scenes were blurry, but most of the scenes were crisp and clear. There were a few that were hazy with washed-out colours that I did not like at all. The story was interesting, but so much in the story line was left unexplored, and the ending was abrupt and unsatisfactory. However, for $2.99, there were enough interesting HOS, puzzles and interactions to keep me entertained for almost 3 hrs. As always, try for yourself.

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