Town Attraction

[Post New]by Musoke13 on May 17, 13 2:11 PM
Do anyone of you know what new advanced buildings I should build to bring 10 townfolks? Thank you.

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Re:Town Attraction

[Post New]by KRSPDS on May 20, 13 5:17 AM
I take it you are in Lightning Bluff? In order to help you I first need a little more information on your game status. Have you repaired all the buildings that were already there? Have you sobered up the drunk? Have you built a gold mine (camp) and a lumber camp? If you have done all this then the drunk (Max Slocum) should give you the plans for several buildings including a church, a blacksmith, a bank, a town hall and a water tower. When you build these (some will require a lumber mill and a proper gold mine, others require certain buildings be built), people will arrive from the north (the Wong Side), some will arrive in groups of 2 others arrive alone. You will also need to buy and repair the train station and have trains arriving in order to get all 10.

Usually I start with the water tower (it is the cheapest in terms of resourses), then the church (which will sober up drunks), then the blacksmith, town hall and bank, then I buy and repair the train station (this takes the most in terms of money and resourses).

I hope this helps.
Good Luck and enjoy the game.

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