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Smelling the room?

[Post New]by seharmon on May 18, 13 3:00 PM
So I've finished both the second bedroom and second bathroom. Ever since, my family keeps going to the room every few hours to smell the room. I don't see any stains or anything on the floor, and nothing has broken in the bathroom. I've put a plant in the room, but that doesn't seem to help. Is there anything else to do in there? Or is this just something weird in the game?


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Re:Smelling the room?

[Post New]by lorie56 on May 19, 13 2:03 PM
Mine do that too. I don't know why they do it. When I see them do that I just pick them up and have them do something else.

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Re:Smelling the room?

[Post New]by autumn_leaf on May 19, 13 3:26 PM
c'mon folks....they had a flophouse room, a toxic waste dump room, and don't forget the mold room (water damaged)

they's got a ton of scents going on in dat dar house....


Re:Smelling the room?

[Post New]by cassandra63 on May 22, 13 12:18 PM
I read in the furniture frustration thread that there may be some echo from one family to another preventing us from rearranging furniture as often as we want. Perhaps the rooms in a different family have not yet been renovated and your peeps are smelling their virtual 'neighbors'?

Or maybe they remember the toxins and like the 'new' smell?

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Re:Smelling the room?

[Post New]by MikoLand on Jun 12, 13 8:41 AM
The house must be smelly all the time


Re:Smelling the room?

[Post New]by Blestevick on Aug 2, 13 9:27 AM
Both my families have had the room renovated. Maybe they're just enjoying the fresh smell of new carpet & all.


Re:Smelling the room?

[Post New]by austin2010a on Aug 3, 13 1:11 AM
In another discusson with the same topic I wrote:

The room has to have a good smell. Here is why:

1. The little peeps don't like nasty places, Remember the toxic waste rooms and other dirty rooms before they were cleaned and remodeled? They would run away from those places in a hurry, If the room smelled bad they wouldn't go to it,,, they would stay away from it,

2. If they are smelling the blue room next to the second bathroom remember this room never had any toxic waste or anything else in it. It was simply unfinished with only a few floor beams in place. So, there was never anything there to cause an odor bad or otherwise,

3. Both the blue room and the green one have pleanty of windows. If the odor was bad wouldn't their next action after "smelling the room" be "opening a window"?

In that same discussion FadedLily had a brilliant idea and wrote:

"I did have one thought: That was the room that was to have been built for the little boys Margaret and Bill were going to have. As it was never built, we know something happened to prevent them from having/adopting the little boys (maybe Bill's death?). I don't know what the smell would be, perhaps Margaret's perfume if she stood there sometimes wishing for the children they never had? Anyhow, just one idea."

I love that idea.

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Re:Smelling the room?

[Post New]by halfadime7 on Aug 8, 13 7:32 PM
I think you're on to something. There's more to this game than meets the eye; however, I don't think the developers (LDW) have completed all the coding needed to meet their final goal. This puts us all in a state of limbo, waiting for answers.

Why give us clues regarding Margaret and Bill? IMHO i think it's about future clues and plans, like what's up with the fruit trees in the backyard?

I don't like the fact that the furniture choices are limited to "Gothic" if you want an entire set. Are we really that into Gothic? And why no lamps or end tables? I asked this of the LDW website numerous times with no response.

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