Chapter Ten

[Post New]by jambkle on May 20, 13 6:19 PM
I have started over 5 times, and have looked at the walkthrough on YouTube, but the walkthrough goes so fast, you don't have time to think. I can't find more than 3 strengths, and once the woodcutter cuts down all the forests, I have no way to get any more wood--and you have to use it to upgrade. Also, it keeps telling me to build a granite mine, but it is never available. I must be doing something wrong, but I sure don't know what.

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Re:Chapter Ten

[Post New]by ricoblade on May 22, 13 3:28 AM
Hi - I posted on another thread about Chapter 10 where the Strength Stones are:

Strength Stones (start at Level 1)
2. Revealed by paying the Altar of Earth in the Ravine Area
3. Revealed by paying the Altar of Earth near the first Trader
4. Given by Milintica
5. Revealed by paying the Altar of Earth near the Tomb
6. Revealed by paying the 6th Altar in the Tomb

I build 4 Woodcutters in the Ravine area:
1- At the start of the area
2- In the Woods near the Barrel
3 - Further into those Woods once #2 is exhausted and destroyed
4 - Near the Woods to the right of the start of the area

Then I build one in the Woods near the Tomb at the end - you need to anyway to get the Secret that's in those Woods.

You need to build a Granite Mine in the Ravine Area but you need to build a Garden at the start in the Main Area, go to the Ravine Area to build a Woodcutter an Sawmills then back to the Main Area to upgrade the Garden to 3* and build a Farm and 2 Bakeries to get enough material to build the Granite Mine.

Hope that helps!

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