where is the unicorn medallion ??

[Post New]by lovestoseek on May 21, 13 5:40 PM
sorry for the double post before..but this time I have checked and double checked everything and I just can not find the unicorn medallion for the safe under the ice..help please..I have the dragon one

also how do I open the chest I don't have a key and I bet thats where the medallion is lol..

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Re:where is the unicorn medallion ??

[Post New]by criminalheart79 on Dec 29, 13 8:50 AM
get the twisted wire after getting the crown in the hos when u stick the eyeball in the bloodbowl then take the wire to the blacksmiths use the mallet on it now I got the unicorn medallion from the chest in the well I don t know what to do myself if ya find out let me know

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