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Android version

[Post New]by JerryInWales on May 22, 13 4:02 AM
The Android version of this game plays well on my Samsung Tab 10.2 (original version), running 4.0.4
The icons are quite small - OK on the large screen but I imagine they would be rather small on a phone.

I have all the PC Season Matches, enjoy them very much. Have not tried Trophy game yet (Dell PC).

The Trophy level is not explained: on my tablet the question marks do nothing. Assuming the trophies are the same on the Android as on the PC, I'll list them here - not a spoiler because they are supposed to be visible, as they are on the PC.
Clockwise from centre top:
Coins: Wealth Collector: 50 coins collected.
Key: Snow Queen Tower key: all shards collected.
Star: Sniper: Every click gets >10 pieces.
Hourglass: Super Faster: complete in 40% allotted time.
Scales: Accuracy Amateur: 100% of clicks did something.
Fireball: Big Buster: break 50+ in one click
Sun: Complete first arcade level.
Moon: Complete all arcade levels.

Can't say whether "Trophy Game" works: have not yet got that far!

Edit - spotted a typo.

Edited on 05/22/2013 at 4:02:56 AM PST

151 Posts

Re:Android version

[Post New]by JerryInWales on May 31, 13 5:36 AM
Having at last finished the Arcade section of the game (100 frames!) I can confirm that the Trophy Game section does work OK on the Android. The game format is just the same as the arcade, except that you don't seem to have any power-ups (not yet, anyway: only just starting).

One point about the main part of the game: I found that if you quit back to the main menu, e.g. you've got stuck on a level, you are warned that progress in this frame will be lost - fair enough - but you also find that power-ups are not restored. So if for example you used the cloverleaf to shuffle the tiles, but still couldn't succeed, that cloverleaf has gone, and must be re-powered with coins. So if you're in trouble on a frame, quit and restart before you use a power-up!

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