The Ferret

[Post New]by chief_lazyhorse3 on May 23, 13 12:08 AM
What is up with the ferret? It reminds me of Craig Ferguson. It serves no purpose but to annoy. I'd rather have the partying rats than the ferret....just saying.

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Re:The Ferret

[Post New]by CasualGran on May 23, 13 3:16 AM
I think he's rather cute. And I must admit I like his conversation. It's a bit much, OK, but it's entertaining. Even a bit humourous here and there.

Oh well... guess you either love or hate this game...


Re:The Ferret

[Post New]by chief_lazyhorse3 on May 23, 13 5:29 PM
Yeah, you're right. Black says some crazy, funny stuff at times. But after an hour...enough! I'm glad you enjoyed the game. Me, too.

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