level 24

[Post New]by kylasgammy on May 23, 13 5:15 AM
stuck cant get monet or green high enough


Re:level 24

[Post New]by suebcam on May 23, 13 5:48 AM
same here.....can either get one or the other but not both

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Re:level 24

[Post New]by lazdaze on May 23, 13 6:15 AM
I went way overtime trying every combo I could think of and didn't make the requirements. This one is a bit too hard for me. I need an easy er, mode.


Re:level 24

[Post New]by Clio_themuse on May 23, 13 6:58 AM
I've spent almost an hour building...tearing down..rebuilding.....can't find the solution.
Been that way for the last few levels.

level 23 took just as long and I don;t even remember the solution was just happy to finally finish it.

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Re:level 24

[Post New]by FishinFem on May 23, 13 11:30 AM
found a working layout for this level finally after 2 hours of messing with it lol

upper left - office and multi-level
upper right - (upper part) promenade and multi level (lower part) multi level and promenade (put them this way so that each multilevel have 2 promenades touching them so that they make more money)

lower left - multi level -promenade - store- store
lower right - top suburban bottom touching suburban promenade

now that I've figured out the layout am off to replay to see how many stars I can get lol

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Re:level 24

[Post New]by FishinFem on May 23, 13 12:23 PM
best I can get is 12:54 tried many times sigh

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Re:level 24

[Post New]by DBlueChri on May 23, 13 12:24 PM
For me this dosn't work, FishinFem. The trick for me was to build the Wind-power-plant (wich you must have) in the lower right at last and then I put it down and the level was finished. (The rest I did how you've told; thank you )

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Re:level 24

[Post New]by FishinFem on May 23, 13 12:42 PM
ya I forgot about the windpower ... first time I did level (when I was working out layout) I had built the windpower near the start .... second time around I tore down the suburban and the garden and built it then tore it down level over


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[Post New]by blue_reinz on May 25, 13 1:19 AM
you can demolish the windpower after you have enough power then build one suburban and a promenade. the city layout just as FishinFem said.

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Re:level 24

[Post New]by nanekochan on May 28, 13 2:47 AM
So that's it: you can tear down the power plant after building it. Heh. Thanks.

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Re:level 24

[Post New]by Brackenlady on Jun 2, 13 1:43 PM
This was how I did it and managed to get gold.

Clear the trash on the right of the long area at the bottom and build a suburban house. Fully eco upgrade and sell.

Repair cottage - sell immediately

Repair the two multi storeys. Fully energy upgrade one and sell.

Buy two more workers. Buy and clear rubbish lot in top block and broken house in block bottom right. Build wind power in bottom right.

Build office in top right at back next to cottage.

Fully eco upgrade multistorey and upgrade the wind power twice.

Build store below office. Eco upgrade office and store; build promenade below cottage and upgrade while you are doing this.

Now it gets a bit frantic. Buy and demolish the suburban house upper left and everything except the multi story In the long section at the bottom.

Increase your workers. Start doing the energy upgrades on the office, existing store and existing multi-storey and at the same time build a store far left and a multi-storey and store in the long section. Eco upgrade and then energy upgrade the new buildings.

Increase workers to 12 while you are doing this. Buy back cottage and original multi-storey and upgrade. At some point when you have reached energy of +35 demolish the wind power. After this just eco upgrade and finally build a nature reserve where the wind power was.

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Re:level 24

[Post New]by Ijahx on Jun 3, 13 10:55 AM
Gold without things getting frantic in 8 minutes :

* Demolish upper Multi Story ( you get 650 )
* Repair Cottage + sell right away

* Repair Multi-Story
- Upgrade to max and sell right away

* Buy 2 workers
- Clear rubbish + abandoned house next to Multi-Story
- Build Office there ( right side ) + upgrade all eco

* Clear lot bottom right and build Powerplant there
* Build Multi-Story where you first demolished it

* Buy 2 more workers ( you now have 6 )
* Buy and demolish 2 remaining Suburban Houses
* Build Promenade next to lower Multi-Story
* Build a Store next to this promenade ( left of Office )

* Buy 2 more workers ( you now have 8 )

* Build a Store next to Multi-Story top left

* Buy Junkyard and demolish top right )

* Upgrade both Stores and Multi-Story to max ( eco + energy )

* Buy and demolish cottage
- Build 2 Multi-Story's there ( edge of the lot , below eachother )
- Build a promenade next to each of the 2 Multi-Story's
- Upgrade both Multi-Story's to max ( eco + energy )

* Buy the Multi-Story at the bottom
* Upgrade the 3 promenades to max
* Demolish Powerplant bottom right

Taking it step by step you will finish in about 8 minutes this way.
Combine things along the way and you can do it even faster.

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Re:level 24

[Post New]by dbm435 on Jul 8, 13 7:54 PM
Great strategy! Ijahx
Thanks for sharing

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[Post New]by Beehead on Sep 11, 13 2:44 AM
Wow thanks for that answer, I thought I was gonna have to start Level 24 over again.

I didn't know you could remove the wind farm.

I was trying to make it look nice and I had enough population so I couldn't figure out how to get rid of any houses to make more money.

That worked...but just a PS, soon as I took up the wind farm the level ended so that must've made it prettier and the green points went up, I don't know.

But before I took up the wind farm (removed it) - and I had it in lower right already by the way - and all the lots filled - I had followed FishinFem's instructions.

worked great, thanks

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Re:level 24

[Post New]by notdeadyet on Oct 8, 13 2:48 PM
That technique of upgrading and selling worked for me. I have also started using more workers. Due to my arthritis,I am not shooting for gold. I just want to finish.I learned stuff on this level that has helped me on the next levels.Thank you for the suggestions.

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