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the well & flute

[Post New]by player75 on May 23, 13 9:48 AM
I have one eye,where do u find the other eye? Also where do u find the flute?

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Re:the well & flute

[Post New]by snowgopat on May 23, 13 1:55 PM
Do you have one eye, as in a human eye? Or do you have one eye, as in the crooked sapphire? If it's a human eye, you don't use that until you go down into the well. If you have one of the gems that goes in place of an eye, then you need two gems: one a crooked sapphire and the other a ruby. The crooked sapphire is in the fortune teller's tent and the ruby can be obtained once you appease the rats and help them with their parade (hilarious--actually a rat disco). Hope this helps.

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