game crashing and we lost 4th leaf

[Post New]by colbec on May 24, 13 7:02 AM
can you help please

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Re:game crashing and we lost 4th leaf

[Post New]by lyrialice on May 24, 13 7:31 AM
Hi colbec

Click on the green envelope on the right, just under your username. Go to the Technical Issues box and click on the more button.

On the page that comes up click on Game Crashing, Freezing, or Blank Screen and try the things there to help.

If they don't work you need to contact Customer Support:-

You need to do a DrFelix Report and attach it to the form you submit or attach at Live Chat. Instructions are on the homepage of Technical Talk

If you are a game club member you can use Live Chat accessed through the My Account tab. The opening times are in BFG time which may not be the same as yours.

Or you can click on the green envelope then click on Contact Us at the bottom left of the page that comes up go to the form and fill it out and submit. Replies will go to your email. The first one is an automated response to let you know it has been received. Check your spam folder if not received within a few hours of submission of the form

Edited to Add

If you click on the Forums tab then click on all Game Forums then find your game name on the page that comes up. You are taken to the Forum which has helpful posts and in one of the first posts there is a clickable link to a walkthrough if you get stuck and have missed out a step or clicking on something.

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Re:game crashing and we lost 4th leaf

[Post New]by bfgIzara on May 24, 13 10:05 AM
Hey there colbec and welcome to the Pond!

I'm sorry to hear that The Secrets of Arcelia Island is crashing.

As a first step, I would recommend checking for any video card driver updates to help make sure the game has the needed resources to play. Just click on the blue text below to be linked to a help article with step-by-step instructions for that!

Game Crashing, Freezing, or Blank Screen

If that doesn't help or if you'd prefer more specific troubleshooting steps one of our Reps from Tech Support will be happy to help further. Just click on the green to the right of the page and then select the Contact Us link to the bottom left to reach them.

Since this is a game specific technical issue I'll be locking and moving this thread over to the specific The Secrets of Arcelia Island Forum, but if you have any further technical issues with this game be sure to post them in the game's tech thread here.

I hope this is helpful!


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