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level 24

[Post New]by dduck652 on May 25, 13 2:10 AM
Need help on level 24 just to pass it. Any help will do.

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Re:level 24

[Post New]by Gill_Dudley on May 25, 13 2:23 AM

upper left - office and multi level house
upper right - tall promenade, multi level, multi level and tall prom - make sure both properties are touching both proms by putting proms either end
lower left - multi level house, tall prom, store and store
lower right top suburban and suburban both touching

when you begin buy and demolish the sub in the lower right and build 2 more subs there wait and add the energy and green when you have enough money you can start buying the rest - when you have enough money demolish the subs in the lower right and build the power station this will give you a tick, you only have to build it then you can demolish it this should end the game if it doesn't build the subs again


Re:level 24

[Post New]by paquita1 on May 25, 13 4:59 PM
thanks I follow your instructions but still short 1 green point.

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