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Godmother wands

[Post New]by JKatS on May 25, 13 8:58 PM
I can't get the statue to take the ivy wand. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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Re:Godmother wands

[Post New]by BlackDark on May 27, 13 6:19 AM

Please be sure you’re giving the Wand to the Correct Statue: The Ivy Wand does not go to the either of the Statues, which are outside the Bell Tower; the Ivy Wand goes to the Statue in the Room of the Godmother Statues. If I remember correctly, the Correct Statue is the one to the Right of the Center Statue. If you click on the Correct Statue, you should receive a Caption about Ivy Leaves.

I hope this helps you, and Happy Gaming.


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