Mired down

[Post New]by Iceshark39 on May 27, 13 3:59 AM
Hello Fishies,

While I'm really enjoying the game, I am having an issue with the current scene I'm in. I have just located the three locales for the triangulation spell, applied the potion and waved the wand correctly to activate the spell...however, that being done, when I get back to the map screen the three locations are still the only ones I have available to visit and the only thing left in my inventory is the magic painting. Have I missed some other object I need to press on? HELP!

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Re:Mired down

[Post New]by DBlueChri on May 27, 13 7:21 AM
I think that you must speak with them again in one of the three locales. sorry can't remember wich it was...


Re:Mired down

[Post New]by Iceshark39 on May 27, 13 8:30 PM
The three locales are the school foyer, kitchen and storage shed. There is no one in any of those locations to talk to or interact with. I don't know how to get back to the class room to talk to the professor.


Re:Mired down

[Post New]by theredace5000 on May 28, 13 8:50 AM
The professor should automatically appear when you cast the final spell. Maybe one of the spells just didn't take? I'd go back to each one and make sure that you used the potion and cast the spell correctly.

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