on android???

[Post New]by willow1964 on May 30, 13 2:04 AM
Hi im playing this on android and it seems as all im doing is completing those link 3 levels nothing else {for chump change}~If i want to advance it prompts me to PURCHASE this or that~Is there any thing more to this?~Reveiws on google play from users that did purchase said they couldnt tell the diffrerence from free or purchased~Its so much repetition i cant get to the areas to excahnge my money for materials needed to build a portal...? HELP...HELP...

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Re:on android???

[Post New]by monkeylover8899 on Jun 18, 13 4:49 PM
I'm playing on android too (I have a nook) But mines just fine I wonder if your missing something or if I have a different version to move on you have to complete those challenges then you should automatically move on to you have a demo version or something??r u playing off of google play or where

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