iPad version

[Post New]by MikeBeachBum on May 30, 13 7:01 AM
This really is a marvelous game, but unfortunately some of the puzzles don't seem to port well from the computer version that has a mouse. For example, the mushroom puzzle. I just could not figure out how to execute the instructions. The strategy guide said to put the board over three mushrooms such that the holes lined up with the mushrooms. Tap the board to rotate it. Tap the board to select the mushrooms. And taking your finger off the board automatically releases it to be stored away. So with one finger holding the board in place I could tap with another to rotate it, but how does one select the mushrooms? There are other examples, like the magnifying glass tracing the flame but not being able to keep the glass in the window. Anyone else run across these issues? I was able to get by the flame puzzle, but had to skip the mushroom.

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