stuck, please help

[Post New]by hersheychapman on May 31, 13 6:03 PM
I am stuck between the sleeping quarters and the magic class room. I have done the walk through and can't find anything I'm missing. when I click on the hint button it sends me to the other location regardless of which location I am in.......I just keep bouncing back and forth. In my inventory I have a purple stained glass, a paint brush, a rabbits foot and a stone(brick). Anyone that can help please reply. Thanks.

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Re:stuck, please help

[Post New]by SilverBranch on Jun 1, 13 6:37 PM
There were two times in the game where this happened to me too. I ended up just sitting there, waiting for the hint sparkles to show me the place my attention was needed. Both times, it was an item I didn't know I needed yet which was waiting to be picked up. You might try to mouse over the entire screen and mini-screens until the hand icon lights up.

... and once, I was slow enough not to realize the darn exit button was sitting right there on the screen the entire time. (I guess I'm just too used to games where, when you finish a level, it takes you out automatically. heh)


Re:stuck, please help

[Post New]by BonnieBlackHair on Jun 2, 13 8:06 PM

I am stuck in the same place as hersheychapman. I am tired of waiting for the sparkle and I have searched everywhere. The walkthrough doesn't help either, so can you tell me what items need to be touched in each location so I can progress in the game?

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