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Welcome to Enigma Agency: The Case of Shadows forum

[Post New]by bfgFlounder on Jun 2, 13 12:29 AM
Welcome to Enigma Agency: The Case of Shadows forum! This is your place to ask questions, share tips, and connect with other Enigma Agency: The Case of Shadows players.

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Re:Welcome to Enigma Agency: The Case of Shadows forum

[Post New]by mypongos on Jun 3, 13 12:03 PM
how do you move the sliders on the kitchen door?


Re:Welcome to Enigma Agency: The Case of Shadows forum

[Post New]by davis683 on Jun 21, 13 12:00 PM
it's easy if you're already collected the blue slider. If you have not, you have to go outside and retrieve the fork that is laying in the dead leaves by the fountain. The slider itself is stuck to the pillar to the right of the door. To learn the numbers you need, peek through the "key hole" in the door to the study and note the darts stuck in the dart board. Now go to the kitchen door, pop in the blue slider, and set the numbers green slider, 4, red slider 7, blue slider 3, if I remember correctly. If you have not peeked through the keyhole and solved that puzzle, the slider solution will be inactive.

Does anybody know where all of the 50 hidden scorpions are in this game? I can find 49: 25 in the first half of the game at John's estate and 24 in the Jungle part of the game. I cannot find that last scorpion anywhere. I have created a list of all the scorpions I have found to date:

At John’s House
1. The first is by the mailbox and is given to you.
2. The second is in the leaves by the fork needed to loosen the blue slider
3. The third is in the ivy just beneath the blue slider stuck to the pillar.
4. Kitchen hanging from the pot rack
5. In the first hidden object game, tops of staircase, right beside crown (left) on the tree branch
6. Terrace, on the table with the ash tray and plant to the right of the angry cat
7. Inside the basement, flip the switch on the fuse box to up/on, look right above it
8. Also in the basement, on the shelf behind the water pump
9. To the shed; huge one in front of porch by wagon
10. The study: framed, hanging on the wall above the dart board
11. Garage door jamb next to window
12. In the garage on the tool wall next to license plates
13. To the lake: on the steering wheel of the boat
14. To the guesthouse: climb the tree to the roof, base of chimney
15. Inside the guesthouse back of sofa
16. Top middle of plaque to the right of the basement door
17. Inside guesthouse: hidden object game in trunk
18. Under the loose rock in the pathway
19. The study: On the front of the suitcase below and right of handle
20. Inside guesthouse back of secret compartment in fireplace
21. To the left of the phone above and behind, on the diagonal slat
22. Inside the refrigerator by the can of olives and the cheese
23. Bathroom upper cabinet on top of towels
24. Study: in the desk by the scrolls
25. On the motor at the gun range; lower left on metal plate

In the jungle
26. Danger sign
27. Inside tu

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