Ice bowl - Sifil

[Post New]by cphoum on Jun 2, 13 10:08 AM
Stuck here. All I have is the matches. I'm guessing I get the key from idol
after I give him the sifil.

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Re:Ice bowl - Sifil

[Post New]by biggr on Jun 4, 13 1:35 PM
any one tell me how to get past this!?

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Re:Ice bowl - Sifil

[Post New]by magfan on Jun 9, 13 11:17 AM
I just passed this part. I was about ready to give up. The only "Hint" was that I needed to do an "action" on the bowl.

If you click on the bowl often enough, you may notice there's a nasty-looking fish swimming around. Click often enough, or in the right place, and it will bump the ice on the surface of the bowl, trying to attack you. Keep at it, and eventually the fish will break the surface and land outside of the bowl, allowing you to pick up the star.

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