help with level 27

[Post New]by Cha1955 on Jun 2, 13 6:49 PM
I have tried everything on 27 and I can't get it right Please help


Re:help with level 27

[Post New]by tess2pope on Jun 4, 13 5:50 PM
I finally got it! (little happy dance

Upper left-build multi with water treatment plant and promenades in front all across.

In the Lower left build two mansions.

In the Middle put two office buildings and 2 stores with one promenade.

Far Upper right build another office building with two wind power thingys.

Make sure all are updated on electric because you may go down to zero but offices and stores will still be working.

Replace electric wind plant with Nature Reserve.

I hope this helps! Good luck!


Re:help with level 27:

[Post New]by sslape on Jun 12, 13 11:58 AM
These instructions are not for level 27, they are for level 28. Does anyone have help on the actual level 27?


Re:help with level 27

[Post New]by sslape on Jun 12, 13 10:18 PM
Finally got it, so here is what you need.

upper left - 1 cottage and 1 multi-level
middle left - 1 office and multi-level
bottom left - 1 windmill, 1 suburban with promenade and 1 nature reserve
right side - 2 stores and 2 mansions

everything must be completely upgraded. as you finish up the last mansion you will hit gold as you get to 2 eco upgrades and 2 electric upgrade.

made it with about 10 seconds to spare.

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Re:help with level 27

[Post New]by msfelvis on Dec 17, 13 11:13 AM
I managed to finish this level @6:51.

Left side is the same as yours but I did the following for the right side:

Kept the suburban and the multilevel, put the two stores behind them, which left space for one mansion.

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