Bucket with Fuel

[Post New]by mjjarvis90 on Jun 3, 13 4:44 PM
I filled the bucket with fuel first and I was supposed to fill it with water first. Now it won't let me get rid of the fuel! Can't empty the bucket and can't go any further. Any suggestions???

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Re:Bucket with Fuel

[Post New]by NIMHURCHU on Jun 5, 13 10:09 AM
Hi mj,
Nice to "meet" you. If you have the funnel, you can dump that fuel in to the lawn mower. Highlight for more details and locations: Put the fleur-de-lis key in the lock on the chest in the Guest house to activate the HOS. You will earn the funnel. Back out and on the right side of the guest house, you'll see the lawn mower.

Hope this works for you. Enjoy the game.


Re:Bucket with Fuel

[Post New]by mjjarvis90 on Jun 5, 13 2:10 PM
Hi, Thank you so much for the hints. I was not pulling the rope to get the boat to the dock and getting the broom. Once I had the broom, I was all set.....Thanks again for your help!!!

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