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too easy

[Post New]by contei on Jun 4, 13 2:46 AM
I'm very disappointed in this game. After I finished the second game of the series, I was looking forward to this game. This game isn't worth the price. It isn't even worth 6.99 let alone 13.99. The puzzles have no difficulty to them at all, and you don't have to search for anything. I don't recommend this game.

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Re:too easy

[Post New]by bfgBaikal on Jun 6, 13 4:36 AM
Hi Fishies,

Thanks for taking the time to leave that feedback - we always want to hear what you have to say about our games and I am sorry this game did not meet your expectations.

However, since we already have a thread in this Forum dedicated to game reviews, I'll be locking this thread to keep things tidy.

Please feel free to repost you opinions in the review thread here so other Fishes can benefit from your thoughts on the game and also by doing this, we can be sure that we include your points in the feedback we relay to the developer.



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