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Sex and the Island

[Post New]by augury789 on Mar 2, 09 10:09 AM
Just some fun VV 3 tips about "going indoors". Let's talk sex.

You villagers can start to mate after they come of age-which is 18 Isola years.

Conception happens before the villagers go in the love hut. Your female villager becomes pregnant when the couple kisses! If you want to add a new villager to your tribe, just keep having a couple kiss until the population number changes. Your villagers don't even have to "go indoors" if you're pressed for time! The male can just go right back to work after that magical kiss. Your mack-daddy can also impregnate multiple women (within a few minutes) who will all go indoors to give birth together.

My first prosperous tribe all looked the same, all having that same shade of brown hair- a mixture of all the haircolors. To create a diverse village, make sure to keep making blonds, redheads, and black-haired villagers. A child will take-on a combo of haircolors of his/her parents. So remember to mate a blond with a blond, redhead with redhead, etc. every few years to maintain a diverse tribe! Also create new haircolors like strawberry blond by mating a blond with a readhead. But its not an exact science. You may be surprised.

The fertility potions are very effective, as are advances in medicine.
Fertility for him: Pitcher plant+Lotus+Rose.
Fertility for her: Rose+Rose+Cactus


Re:Sex and the Island

[Post New]by MunchkinKat on Jul 18, 09 11:34 AM
I don't know if anyone will look at this again, but it definitely gave me a laugh, and some good info. I have a question and a comment about the fertility potions though. You say the fertility potion for the males is pitcher plant + lotus + rose. Unfortunately, the pitcher plant only appears if you are using the nature faction. Is there a different formula for the magic faction? Also, I have noticed that if I create a rose + lotus + lotus potion, both sexes "feel fertile". I'm not sure if this is a seperate potion that works on both or what, but you may want to give it a try!

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