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Won't play on most Windows 7!

[Post New]by Sherry__Rose on Jun 9, 13 4:44 PM
This is such a fine, thoughtful, and beautiful game -- it's a shame it won't play on most Windows 7 operating systems. I worked with a member of BFG staff for days via emails and wasn't able to run it on my computer. Fortunately I can play it on my VISTA laptop, so I don't lose out altogether. However, I wish it could be updated to play on all Win7 as well as other devices. It think it's one of the best word games ever created, and I think it would be a huge seller on android, etc. Seems perfect for shorttime playing at the airport, on a work break, etc. It would be worth the investment to fix it. Part of the problem apparently is that the game was bought from the original developer, so they no longer own it. Here is a comment from another website:

"I tried it on 4 different computers, 3 of which were Windows 7 running AMD processors with AMD/Radeon video cards (current drivers and all). On these, during the game loading, I get an "Integer Overflow" error -- the game won't run, and won't go away gracefully (you need to use the task manager to kill it). On the 4th computer, running an Intel processor, the game still plays.

Haiku Journey was originally made by Hot Lava, acquired by ****. I'd really love for an updated version -- it's a great game, good music, entertaining and engaging -- but until they fix it, I'd stay away. "

Please, Big Fish, if at all possible, see if this can be played on Windows 7.
Also you might want to convert it to other devices, as this game is a winner!

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Re:Won't play on most Windows 7!

[Post New]by 4mybirds4 on Aug 25, 13 4:55 AM
Wow, what a let down! I just got a new computer a few months back and decided to download this game again, as I already owned it, and I got the Interger Overflow Error also.


Re:Won't play on most Windows 7!

[Post New]by BalsallHeathen on Aug 29, 13 7:44 AM
Haiku Journey
Why doesn't this game work in windows 7? I have just upgraded to a Win 7 computer and am no longer able to play this - and it is a long time favourite of mine.
Trying to play it in compatibility mode is no good either - it just does not work.
I get the Integer Overflow error too! Come on BFG sort this out please...


Re:Won't play on most Windows 7!

[Post New]by tushidoll on Oct 5, 14 3:17 PM
ihave windows 8 and also got the integer overflow error

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