Chapter 5 - The Boat!

[Post New]by Myeika on Jun 12, 13 12:57 PM
Hi, I'm using an iPad mini all updated.

I have collected all the pieces and have got to the unscrewing of the first 2 screws with the screwdriver. I have tried it on thr Right 2 screws, and well I then tried it on all of them, but sadly none will unscrew. Is there a certain bit of the screw that you have to put the screwdriver on ?
As no matter how I try it won't happen!
Can any one help please as I can't move forward till I can get the screws out!
Thanks in advance


Re:Chapter 5 - The Boat!

[Post New]by Myeika on Jun 13, 13 8:36 AM
Please can someone help as I am stuck and cant move on till i have undone the screws!!

Please please............................

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