Level 5-5

[Post New]by Beckyterr on Jun 12, 13 10:19 PM
I need some help please. What is the secret to get through level 5-5? Trying to finish in time to get 3 stars. By the time I buy all of the employees, I only have half of the $400 needed to complete the level.

Is there a magic combination of buying employees and buying stations to complete it? I've tried everything I can think of. Thanks.



Re:Level 5-5

[Post New]by pinksparkles1903 on Oct 19, 13 4:57 AM
I to am stuck on this level, can anyone shed any light on how to 3 star this level please it's driving me nuts

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Re:Level 5-5

[Post New]by QzQzQzQzQz on Mar 30, 14 11:36 AM
Ditto. Would love to hear from someone who managed 3, stars on this level.


Re:Level 5-5

[Post New]by lolagranolacan on Aug 4, 14 10:35 AM
Finally got it!

Once you've hit $400, you don't need to stay above $400 for the goal to be completed.

So... Make $400 with two employees (I opened the soda stand to speed it up, just kept girl #2 going back and forth between making hamburgers and filling soda).

Once you've made $400 and that goal is completed, THEN start hiring people.

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