fog returned in dd city of fog

[Post New]by jewelsinga on Jun 16, 13 6:29 AM
I removed the fog with the fan in the square. Later on in the game the fog returned to the square and I can't go to the alley behind the photo shop. I must go back there to finish the game. How do I get rid of the fog a second time? I can still get past the fog leading to the cemetery by going to the other side of the square. I just can't go behind the photo shop. Help! I'm almost through!!!

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Re:fog returned in dd city of fog

[Post New]by kitaboy on Jul 30, 14 4:57 PM
Jewel; sorry to hear this; I do not have a solution and wonder why this happened.
I had to start the game a 2nd time because I couldn't finish the sparkle game at the bridge near the house; the 2nd time it all worked fine; good luck; Kitaboy.

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