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Level 183

[Post New]by NCwriter on Jun 17, 13 12:14 PM
Someone else posted this question quite a long time ago and got no replies, so I'm posting it again because I'm also stuck on level 183. I've found many of the levels to quite challenging and I love that--I just keep at it until I finally solve them. But this one seems unsolvable for some reason. There are two obstacles, a wall and a door, and two crabs. I swap tiles to get the piece to complete the battering ram to clear the door, and then navigate the orange crab up to his treasure chest, but nothing comes out of that chest except coral. I get the yellow crab over to the wall, but even when I clear out all the blocked tiles and wipe away all the colored tiles, there isn't a piece to complete the construction equipment to tear down the wall so I can move him to his treasure chest.

I just sit here swapping tiles, swapping tiles, and swapping tiles, hoping that somewhere, somehow, that missing piece will show up. What am I doing wrong? I've used all of the bonus tools in different ways trying to figure out where that missing piece is, but nothing works. I sure hope someone can tell me what to do, because I'd hate to have gotten this far in the game and not be able to continue.

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