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Is Sparkle 2 full screen for everyone else?

[Post New]by KeysPirate on Jun 18, 13 11:10 AM
Loved the original Sparkle and have been hoping for a sequel. So far, it looks great. But it does not fill my screen... top and bottom black bars. I've had this happen with very few other games. Just wanted to ask if anyone else has the black bars before I try to resolve it. Feedback would be most appreciated.

BTW, if anyone is looking for another good marble-popper that is not too flashy and tough on the eyes, try Butterfly Escape. Some levels are very hard. I finally (after years of playing) got through all the "normal" levels but still haven't gotten past Legendary Level 9.


Re:Is Sparkle 2 full screen for everyone else?

[Post New]by fbloss on Jul 18, 13 10:52 AM
I recently had a problem like this. The game suddenly went from full screen to a situation where the full screen was half off the monitor, to the left. Could not get it back to full screen. Mind you, it started OUT fine. Would play in "windowed" mode but not full screen. Tried uninstalling & reinstalling. That did nothing, game went right back to same level as before & same behavior.

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