No funnel/gas can or 2 button - iphone version

[Post New]by jenniferlori on Jun 21, 13 11:36 AM
I'm playing the reg version, paid, on iphone, and have placed about 5 tokens. I have gone through every single screen all the way back to the car, clicking hint, and every screen tells me there is nothing to do there. My only inventory item left is a crowbar.

I checked the walkthrough here, and apparently I should have received a funnel and gas can at some point, to fuel the engine for the guy trapped on the ski lift. Not only did I not receive those, but I also never received the "2" button for the elevator controls. I did turn Pinocchio's nose into a flute, and stuck it in the O2 tank.

So I'm stuck with nothing to do and 2 puzzles I can't work through because I don't have the missing parts. Short of restarting, what can I do?

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