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Twig #2 disappeared from inventory

[Post New]by Zhez on Jun 23, 13 4:47 AM
Hi, I found this and now it's gone from the inventory and not reappeared on the woodland path. Can anyone help????


Re:Twig #2 disappeared from inventory

[Post New]by kazkaz1957 on Jun 23, 13 11:55 AM
Hello Zhez
Welcome to the forums. Have you tried clicking the right arrow to the side of the inventory bar to scroll through all the items you have collected and to make sure the twig is not hidden out of sight? If it is really not there and you've checked back where you originally picked it up and it's not there on the ground either, then the next best thing is to load up the saved game you had prior to picking up the twig and try again. I can't imagine why it would just disappear but you could have found a minor bug. If you go back to a previously saved game, make sure you do things in a slightly different order to avoid hitting the same problem. I hope you've been saving your game regularly so you don't have to back-track too far.
Hope that helps.

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