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Bonus Game Blips

[Post New]by nycj on Jun 23, 13 12:34 PM
Been reading the problems with the Bonus Game and wanted to report I have encountered the same ones (no HO scene, no walking stick, no nail puller) -- and this is being written in June of 2013, which indicates the problem has never been corrected!

If this is an indication of the Echoes of the Past games, I definitely won't be purchasing any more. There are too many other HO games out there that work!

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Re:Bonus Game Blips

[Post New]by lentenrose on Jun 30, 13 11:13 AM
I did find that if I exited the game and started it over most of the problems were cured. It did not work when I could not pick up the bubbles to put them in the grid for the frequent grid game; for that I had to hit the Solve button in order to go on. I did have a point when my Inventory disappeared. Fortunately, the restart worked for this problem.
I have enjoyed playing all the Echoes of the Past games but have run into a real issue with the old ones. They will no longer play on my system. I don’t know what changed and the Help Team cannot find the problem so the old games sit and wait for me to get a new OS.

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