Fishing Pole!

[Post New]by loulouboy on Jun 24, 13 1:29 PM
I,m trying to put the fishing pole in the pond in the spot but it won,t drag the box out!! Can someone help!!!!

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Re:Fishing Pole!

[Post New]by LuckyKK on Jul 19, 13 2:54 PM
I'm having the same problem. It's says I can't do it without a fishing rod, but when I try to use the fishing rod, it's says 'I wouldn't do that', if I remember correctly. There's several spots that I'm stuck on. Very frustrating.
I thought the fishing rod was for the fish though...didn't notice a box...unless I'm at a different spot.

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Re:Fishing Pole!

[Post New]by Angeloath on Nov 7, 13 3:00 AM
It won't let you fish without the line which I can't remember the whereabouts of. I can't find the bait for the fishing line though. Does anyone know where it is?
Actually I've found it now. Don't worry.

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Re:Fishing Pole!

[Post New]by JackyKingsley on Jan 2, 14 10:55 AM
Do you know where the fishing line can be found ?

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