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Level 32

[Post New]by strilf on Jun 26, 13 1:57 AM

I just can NOT get this on gold time! I've tried everything I can think of with groves, quaries, which order to build them and so on and so forth.

Can anyone give me a strategy so I can get gold? It's sooooooo frustrating!

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Re:Level 32

[Post New]by badgerfann on Jun 26, 13 7:28 AM
Another level you have to move fast on....Start by opening the chests and chopping trees. Build a quarry, a grove and 2 more quarries. With 1st sandlewood from grove pay trader on left above hut. Use the materials you receive to upgrade the quarries. Once you have 60 stone pay the trader on the right and upgrade the grove with the mana you receive.

Once you have 200 stone build bridge, open chest on right, pay bandit 30 sandlewood and open that chest. Chop down all the trees. Pay last bandit on top of screen. Build a hut. Pay trader in middle of screen above bridge to get the large mana. Upgrade hut, if you have enough sandlewood pay trader by statue to get the speed sandels and repair the statue.

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