Level 34

[Post New]by foreveranewbie on Jun 27, 13 2:26 AM
Can anyone help please. I am stuck on the ledge and cannot cross over to get to the burning coal or proceed with the game. I have clicked everywhere I can think of.

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Re:Level 34

[Post New]by ricoblade on Jun 28, 13 1:26 AM
Hi - have you managed to get any of the coals? The route goes under the bridge, past the first Rune Pillar, round to the second Rune Pillar and then back round past the Spider where there's a Wooden bridge to build. If you click on an inaccessible object, like a bridge to be built, it will show you the route. Also, you need the Druid to remove the Burning Coals.


Re:Level 34

[Post New]by foreveranewbie on Jun 28, 13 4:17 AM
Wow, so easy when you know what you're doing. Thank-you!

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