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Mirror shard

[Post New]by leslie5270 on Jun 27, 13 8:27 AM
I'm supposed to take the mirror shard from the hand of the statue early on in the story (after going straight up the stairs from the shore), but there is no shard there to take. Am I missing a step somehow? There's no point in continuing without a part, please help. Thanks!

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Re:Mirror shard

[Post New]by elijah5 on Jun 27, 13 11:27 PM
Hi leslie5270,
Before you can get the mirror shard from the statue, you need to go left of the statue and get the dwarf puzzle piece. There will be a brief cut scene before you can retrieve it. Once the cut scene is done an "Ice Dragon" will appear in the passage way, and you will hear the glass/mirror break. Go back to statue, zoom in on mirror and retrieve the shard.

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