I can't finish game

[Post New]by KittyKatLover07 on Jun 27, 13 10:12 AM
I can't seem to finish this game. I have like 8 rooms left to unlock but it won't let me play them. It said I finished all the levels, but I didn't. I still have 10 quests yet to do and can't do anything. Is anyone else having this problem?


Re:I can't finish game

[Post New]by ladyorduno on Jul 24, 13 10:58 AM
To unlock the remaining rooms you need to collect "gems". Some are scattered throughout the H/O scenes and you can win others by playing the puzzles. You can also buy gems, but it takes away the money from your "bank" for your upgrades to the orphanage.

You can find the "gems" in the H/O scenes, for example one could be on a picture frame; or a draw knob; or up in the corners of the room. The locations do change sometimes, but if you play the scenes enough times you will soon memorize where most of then are.

If you have upgraded the orphanage completely. That is the main game play and you should be able to go back in and continue to play, to finish unlocking rooms and earn trophies.

I hope this helps some!

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