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room layout

[Post New]by momdnarg on Jun 27, 13 1:20 PM
where can i get info for room arrangements to get maximum use of houses

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Re:room layout

[Post New]by GeorgeTSLC on Jul 18, 13 2:48 PM
In the walkthrough at the site that begins with a J.

Just do a search on

walkthrough promised land

and when you're there, expand in turn the Walkthrough Guide, its Strategy Guide, and the House Puzzles.

It's sorta fun to work it out on your own IF you're good at that sort of thing.

Do note that you're likely to end up discarding at least a few rooms, because the optimum arrangement at one level of community skills requires different choices than the final answer.

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Re:room layout

[Post New]by Starchild6 on Jul 20, 13 7:14 PM
Actually, it is a fun thing to work on while your workers are busy building up supplies or whatever. Most of the houses you can't fully use until you have level 3 in construction, because you have to be that level to buy some of the rooms. I'm not great with puzzles, but if you are patient and remove all the rooms and start fresh, I found it a lot of fun. Once you get the hang of it! I managed to use every room in every house.

The rooms with 1 star need 1st level, 2 stars 2nd level, 3 stars 3rd. At first I thought that was how many people could sleep in them! Duh!

It is a heck of a lot more fun trying to figure it out yourself, but maybe that's just me. Hey, if I can figure out how to wipe out all those pirates..................

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