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Garbage and bus routing

[Post New]by lsmalplz on Jun 28, 13 8:56 AM
Anyone know why:
It seems that each production building has a garbage alarm at 100/100 even though it has dumpster service and the truck is upgraded?

Sometimes a house does it as well.

Would love to know how to avoid this annoyance.

Also, is it better to have the bus only go from one single bus station to an entertainment center? Does it matter which entertainment center? My theaters never seem to do well. If I have 3 entertainment centers, should I route a single bus from each bus station to each entertainment?

Enjoy both games, although not very good yet. Get gold 1/2 time after multiple tries per level - but worth the effort. Do wish the help section was more helpful re: strategies. Have so many questions. The walkthrough for VC1 helped get through the levels but still didn't explain some of the why's and wherefores. Any help would be appreciated.

Enjoy both games a lot although I'm not very good yet. Have gold on about 1/2 the levels after multiple tries and the walkthrough. Do wish the help section was more helpful though.

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Re:Garbage and bus routing

[Post New]by ricoblade on Jul 2, 13 5:33 AM
Hi - please see my reply to your post on the VC1 forum.

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