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Can't open flower at end of game

[Post New]by anges35 on Jun 28, 13 4:09 PM
I sure would like to see some answers in these forums instead of pages and pages of just questions and links to reinstall!!!!

I am at the end of this game. It has gone very well, but I can't get the Control Panel set correctly so that the flower bud will open. I have everything in place>> the panels, 2 circles, the dots, the colors. But I am missing something because the bud won't open.

The only thing I see to click on is the clover that is in the middle of the horizontal line with the curved colors and dots. This will change the colors in the curves but so far, I haven't found any combination that works.

This means I can't finish the game and the bonus game will not be available. I would sure appreciate it if someone can help. I have referred to walkthroughs, but they are vague and have not helped.

Thank you


Re:Can't open flower at end of game

[Post New]by trackalonenanna on Oct 22, 13 9:46 PM
I wish I could help but I have the same problem I think it is a fault in the game as there are no clues as to the combination of colours, be nice to find out what the end scene is?


Re:Can't open flower at end of game

[Post New]by bandar52 on Feb 17, 14 4:42 PM


Re:Can't open flower at end of game

[Post New]by megajim on Jun 5, 14 4:51 AM
me too ive got all the way got the discs in place. theres a colour pattern on center bit and number dots but I cant get them to work with bottom row of shapes and colours tried all sorts of sequences grrr yehhhhh did it.... went to walk through game section on here..... where it gives you the long petal with colours
on the opposite side are dots ranging from one to 6.... start from shape nearest flower under neath and do the colours that's way . my game was pink first...... hope this helps

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