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wow, no new discussions..looks like we all bailed

[Post New]by SandyFish55 on Jun 28, 13 8:17 PM
Bailed...on the game...such a shame...Like i predicted earler, the "real" update will be in mid july..this is just a teaser....don't fall for it...

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Re:wow, no new discussions..looks like we all bailed

[Post New]by karatopa on Jun 29, 13 4:37 AM
i didnt bail and so far i like the new updates especially the new raa lemute and little gifts from the sea new island sitting there to tempt us i updated with no problems at all so far

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Re:wow, no new discussions..looks like we all bailed

[Post New]by gabrielsmom on Jun 29, 13 9:02 AM
Why play now? My quests are gone. Floaters give you nothing but coins and stars. Locations also give you very little. Can't use the super floaters because cant get any of the items to use them. Seems BF is moving towards making you buy the stuff you need. No fun any more.

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Re:wow, no new discussions..looks like we all bailed

[Post New]by soblessed57 on Jun 29, 13 9:11 AM
That's why no one should take the crappy update of 6/27!
I don't intend to,but even though I am now level 76,I have not yet run out of quests.
When I do I will probably uninstall this game,and never again DL a 'Free To Play'[my foot] game!

I would rather pay $20 for a complete game from a walk-in store than fool with this type of game.

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Re:wow, no new discussions..looks like we all bailed

[Post New]by Valdy on Jun 29, 13 8:10 PM
I like the new floaters and the new collections we can charge later on when new locations are opened. And I like the extra food we now have.

Am not happy that I get now very little from the "normal" floaters. And I don't like that in the later locations, i.e. Ice Palace, Soaring Rock, etc, I am also now only getting a laughable amount of items, and often not even something I really need, unless it's part of a quest.

Has anyone noticed that the "Chandelier" we are look for in the "Ice Palace" location is in fact a "candle holder"? I think it's very important to name the objects correctly when searching for them is part of the game. I can just about deal with the fact that the "scissors" in the various locations are called "shears". I am sure that some of you will now point out that's the same thing or that they are very similar. Well, too me they look like scissors, not like shears.

Oh, and what I really don't care for are the tasks that asks me to banish/barter with 20 of something, and then I get another task that asks me to banish/barter with 50 of the same something (ghosts and androids were just 2 of those). The devs should come up with something more original and exciting than that. Those things aren't really tasks for me, and they are boring and tedious at best.

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Re:wow, no new discussions..looks like we all bailed

[Post New]by dacjess on Jun 29, 13 9:12 PM
To everyone who posted here: I Feel Your Pain!!

I came here to see if the small amount of items dropping is a technical issue and I guess it's not I played for 30+ minutes today and no new floaters showed up (even though I had definitely banished enough lemutes/androids/criminals). The glitches seem never ending. I do like what the few small things that were improved, the new floaters were fun until they magically stopped appearing in my game, the crate is hit or miss: great or disappointing but it's free, so it's all good and the island looks to be a great improvement.... if it ever comes to fruition.

I also noticed the thing about the chandelier in the snow palace not at all being a chandelier and wondered if this was developed in another country, lol. Then today the final item in one scene was "boot" which was nowhere to be found, but I saw that the boomerang was in the scene but not on the list so I tried that and that finished the scene. I no longer know if something is a technical issue or a glitch!

While I appreciate how quickly the developers were able to fix the massive amount of glitches and crap that came with the new update, I am very surprised/disappointed that we were awarded NOTHING (ie. coins/diamonds/game voucher, etc) for all the hassle. I also lost diamonds in the ambiguous New Floater problems and all they offered to that was a new new update rather than compensation/apologies, etc. The way it has been handled is much more disappointing to me than the actual problems.

Because I'm bored I will probably play occasionally but it's very disappointing to see the responses: short replies that a new new new update is out or locking the thread and putting everything to get lost in the ONE massive technical thread. I won't spend any money going forward, and that seems like very poor business on their end.


Re:wow, no new discussions..looks like we all bailed

[Post New]by Accordeonfreak on Jun 30, 13 1:22 AM
Well, I agree on some of the things that are said especially on the floaters giving almost next to nothing. But I keep on playing for sensei-status, achievements and my only outstanding quest, the key-sets. I do think the june update came too soon, with too many glitches but BF is sincerely trying to improve them.

I lost a great deal of diamonds in the game after the update with the faulty barter (diamonds I just bought in the bank) and BF has refunded them to me very correctly!!

The addiction factor in the game is that you never know what you gonna get. This small surprise can be disappointing or if you do find that last set of items in a crate for your quest gives you that " Hip, hip, hurray"-feeling.

I am still anxiously awaiting the new island which will also give you the opportunity to score higher on your " explored locations" achievement.

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