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The contents of my garden keeps vanishing

[Post New]by Frogmort on Jun 30, 13 8:02 AM
I left my mansion/garden and came back, and all it's contents are gone. Although the patch I cleared is still clear, and the new patch I set up is still clearing.

Have also been getting messages that there is an internet problem and that it can't synchronise.

There is nothing wrong with my internet connection -- is your site overloaded?

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Re:The contents of my garden keeps vanishing

[Post New]by bfgSeine on Jun 30, 13 11:13 AM
Hey Frogmort,

I'm sorry to hear that's happening. You definitely shouldn't be losing your progress like that, and it looks like you were also able to post your issue in the technical issues thread, which is great. Since I'm not 100% sure what's causing that to happen, my best recommendation is to get in touch with our Mobile Support Team to see if they can offer some troubleshooting steps. I'll also be passing this along to our team so they can look into that.

I'll also be going through the technical issues thread and doing my best to answer questions there, so I'll go ahead and lock this discussion since it seems to be a technical problem the game.

Hopefully we can get you back to gaming quickly!


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