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Level 28 Error Code

[Post New]by mkastor on Jun 30, 13 9:42 AM
I cannot go further than level 28. Half way through this level, an Error Code Violation pops up and I have to quit. I tried starting the level over 5 times and each time it's there.

How is everyone else getting past this?

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Re:Level 28 Error Code

[Post New]by bfgSeine on Jun 30, 13 10:48 AM
Hi mkastor,

I'm sorry to hear that's happening. Is that error by chance an Access Violation error? If so, our help article here might be useful in getting that corrected:

Access Violation

If the tips there aren't working, please get in touch with our Tech Support Team so they can offer additional troubleshooting help.

We also have a dedicated technical issues thread for Moai: Build Your Dream already, so I'll go ahead and lock this thread. Please feel free to post any problems you encounter with the game here.

I hope that helps!


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