Level 60

[Post New]by ssc1943 on Jun 30, 13 10:55 AM
Okay, how do you get the temple built? I can get the building up but then my men get sick before I get enough stone to fix the temple. I've tried every way I know how and I'm about ready to give up on the very last one. I'll keep trying but if anyone has any ideas how to win this level......

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Re:Level 60

[Post New]by ssc1943 on Jun 30, 13 1:28 PM
Okay, figured it out. You have to get all the houses built and upgraded and then the rest is fairly easy. Only took me about a half dozen tries to figure that one out. The rest of the game was smooth going after that.

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Re:Level 60

[Post New]by stratacatQ on Jul 7, 13 10:52 PM
I found there was no need to build the temple -- upgraded hut, field, quarry & grove & concentrated on fixing the alter to heal the workers to destroy the fence. With the mana from chests or hindus, I was able to complete this with a lot of time left.

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