[Post New]by MeggsieH on Jun 30, 13 8:23 PM
After the update, the amulets seem to disappear when I exit the game even though they have time left on them. This didn't happen previously and whenever I came back to the game, the amulets that I was using appeared again with remaining time. It's most frustrating particularly when I tried to us one that lasted for six hours and naturally I can't play for six hours at one time! I wasted a couple of them because they didn't reappear when I came back.

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[Post New]by annibelle1 on Jul 1, 13 5:01 AM
As it stands now, it seems pointless to use amulets unless you get credit for exploring an area. I personally usually don't have much/if any energy left to explore more than one area. If you quit the game to actually "have a life" for abit, you lose your amulet affect, This is a given. Anyone just tried sticking around an hour, leaving game open, pressing a few keys from time to time. You could check your progress, colections, what you might could do next? However,if sticking out the time, and/or leaving doesn't matter either way. IMO, why bother using the amulets you have earned. Now, if the game gave lots of amulets, you could feel better about wasting your time investments in the game. Right now, it seems like some major issues with a game with lots of potential, but seemingly incomplete or unexplained goals, etc. I am less frustrated right now, but I am not playing as much either. It leaves everyone guessing and confused. How can that be good? If you wanted to charge for the game-do it-If you want everything bought extra, let people know you must do this if you are so "into the game". What do you want our relationship to be...LOL. I am lost, but love the game-very frustrated however.

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[Post New]by Ceryswyn on Jul 1, 13 11:20 PM
I just use the ones that make sense to use.
When I have lots of energy (from going off and having a life, using a honey pot or having enough diamonds to buy a honey pot) I work out exactly what I need to explore, and what I need to explore in order to get the items to explore the places I need to explore, then I use one of my Crystal owls and one of my double money coins and barrell through the locations as fast as possible. I can usually just about get through full energy before the owl runs out. As far as I can tell that's pretty good use of an owl. The coin lasts longer.... but who cares, I have an abundance of them.

The things that make energy restore faster should work whether you keep the game open or not (though I admit I've not double checked that I've been working on assumption).

Yes it's a glitch, but if you work strategically you can use the amulets the best you can in the mean time.

Or work on your failed explorations quests instead.

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