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This was a good game until that Bas Relief slider puzzle.

[Post New]by Branes on Jul 1, 13 11:42 AM
Why do developers insist on adding these extremely frustrating slider puzzles to games and not put in a skip button? Do they want us to stop playing their stupid game??? Some of us are incapable of ever solving one of these inane puzzles. Others find them simple. Don't these moronic developers know that yet??\
I was really enjoying this game up to this point. But I've never been able to solve one of these slider puzzles in any game without a walkthrough and I foolishly failed to save before I started. And since these idiots didn't bother with a reset or skip button, I'm forced to quit this othewise enjoyable game.
"Puzzles in adventure games should be about using your mind and imagination to come up with solutions to problems and obstacles, not sliding blocks around endlessly, yet in game after game, developers insist on using these cliche puzzles, which I'm sure at least 50% of adventure gamers hate with a passion. If you have to include one of these moronic puzzles, at least give me the option to skip it...please!!

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