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Cannot create seal

[Post New]by Windy30 on Mar 3, 09 7:32 PM
I am enjoying the game, but it keeps telling me I cannot seal. And I am trying to put a flower in the middle of nowhere?!?

kinda frustrating


Re:Cannot create seal

[Post New]by fishgosquish_gil on Mar 7, 09 6:51 PM
What the game is telling you is if you put a flower in that spot there is no way the bugs can get to the other end of the garden, you cannot completely block it off. I get that message when I have been putting flowers in and then go to choose a bug to target it, if I don't get it in the right spot the game thinks I'm trying to plant a flower. I hope this makes sense.


Re:Cannot create seal

[Post New]by jgottschall on Mar 15, 09 6:12 PM
I am having the same problem. I have tried selling flowers and replanting and "No Sealing" is my answer. I have tried reloading, going back a few levels and loading, still nothing.

Very frustrating!!!!

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